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  • Same-Day Axim Door Repair in North Sheen
  • Preventative Axim Door Maintenance in North Sheen
  • Reactive Servicing of Axim Door Hardware in North Sheen
  • Axim Door Glass Replacement in North Sheen
  • Axim Door Closers, Hinges, Flush Bolts

Axim door repair in North Sheen TW9 & throughout Twickenham postcodes

Axim door hardware repair & replacement in North Sheen TW9 & throughout Twickenham postcodes

Got a problem with your Axim door in North Sheen?

Axim door repair by trusted commercial glaziers in North Sheen TW9

At Instant Glass, our commercial door technicians know all there is to know about installing, repairing, and maintaining Axim doors in North Sheen and across Twickenham postcodes.

We supply and fit Axim door hardware for commercial aluminium doors and offer a high-quality glazing service for Axim door glass repair and replacement throughout North Sheen.

Connect with our team for Axim transom closers, deadlatches, floor springs, door closers, locks, or Axim door handles; we have you covered!

Call our London-based office and speak to an Axim door specialist in your area in North Sheen.

We also deal with other Axim door hardware such as panic exit devices, electric strikes, flush bolts, and letter plates.

Are you experiencing an emergency and need your Axim door repaired in North Sheen as soon as possible? Is it late at night or the early hours of a Sunday morning? We operate around the clock and guarantee a fast response to your commercial building anywhere in Twickenham postcodes.

We are open 24/7 and offer 10% off for every new client that chooses Instant Glass. Get in touch with our friendly commercial glaziers for a Free Axim door repair consultation in North Sheen TW9 or request a 24-hour emergency glazier for a rapid response.

We offer a wide range of Axim door hardware to fit any size door.
Axim Door Hardware Repair & Replacement in North Sheen TW9 & throughout Twickenham postcodes Axim - top commercial door for leading architects & designers in North Sheen Axim door hardware is recommended for commercial aluminium doors in Twickenham postcodes

When you choose Axim for your commercial door requirements, expect industry standards. Our commercial glaziers and door technicians are trained to repair your Axim doors anywhere in North Sheen and can supply replacement Axim door components where necessary.

We work with architects, designers, and builders across North Sheen to install Axim door hardware for businesses across Twickenham postcodes.

Service, replace & upgrade your Axim Doors
in North Sheen

6 Axim door repairs we offer in North Sheen:

Axim panic exit devices

A standard safety measure for all public buildings in and around North Sheen; Axim panic exit devices come in a range of shapes and sizes. Commercial Axim doors with panic bars offer increased security as they allow the door to lock on the outside while remaining easy to exit from the inside.

Axim floor spring repair in North Sheen

Axim floor springs are a popular solution for all types of commercial aluminium doors. Our commercial glaziers across North Sheen supply and install Axim floor springs for commercial doors up to 300kg and offer accessories to ensure they are used successfully with a wide variety of door constructions and floor coverings.

Axim door handle repair in North Sheen

It is common for commercial door handles to come loose or break over time; their lifespan depends on how often the door is used and where it is installed. At Instant Glass, we supply, install, and repair Axim door handles across North Sheen for doors of all sizes and styles, including aluminium tube handles, pad handles, stainless steel, and flush pull handles.

Axim door closers

Our Axim door technicians in North Sheen have experience maintaining Axim door hardware for commercial doors throughout Twickenham postcodes; we supply and install concealed door closers and surface-mounted transom door closers for Axim doors. Call our office and request Axim door repair in North Sheen.

Axim flush bolt replacement in North Sheen

Do you need a lower flush bolt replacement on your uPVC or aluminium door? Our Axim door technicians in North Sheen know what to do. We work with industry-standard Axim door hardware to ensure longevity. Flush bolts are a type of door bolt designed so that, when applied, it is flush with the face or edge of the door.

Axim door lock repair in North Sheen

In line with British security standards, our experienced Axim door technicians in North Sheen repair, supply and install hook locks, deadlatches, reversible deadlatches, and paddle handle locks for Axim commercial aluminium doors across Twickenham postcodes. Request more information on the Axim door locks available at Instant Glass.

Emergency Axim door repair in North Sheen TW9 - Open 24/7

24-Hour emergency Axim door repair in North Sheen & Twickenham postcodes

In an emergency, our Axim door repair technicians in North Sheen guarantee a fast response anywhere in Twickenham postcodes. Doors often get damaged during break-ins and burglaries, leaving the property exposed to further risk.

Have you arrived at work to find your Axim door lock is broken? Does your Axim door need servicing after a burglary?

At Instant Glass, we understand what you are going through and act fast to help you secure your business premises as quickly as possible.

We provide boarding up for commercial properties across North Sheen as a temporary security solution to ensure your safety until a suitable glass replacement is ready to be installed.
24-Hour Emergency Axim Door Repair in North Sheen & Twickenham postcodes
Commercial Axim Door Repair & Hardware Replacement in North Sheen TW9

Book an Axim door expert in your area in North Sheen

Commercial Axim door repair & hardware replacement in North Sheen TW9

At Instant Glass, we pride ourselves on offering a prompt and professional commercial glazing service in North Sheen to businesses across Twickenham postcodes.

Our 24-hour accredited commercial glaziers specialise in same-day Axim door repair in North Sheen and offer a mobile glass repair service seven days a week. Call us today to discuss your project, and we will answer any questions you have.

Receive expert guidance based on your requirements and get the most out of our service.

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We offer a wide range of customisable options for office glass partitions. From clear glass panels to frosted or tinted alternatives, we can tailor the appearance of your partitions to match your brand identity and privacy needs.

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Competitively priced glaziers in North Sheen. All work guaranteed

At Instant Glass, we pride ourselves on offering a prompt and personal glazing service to homes and businesses across Twickenham postcodes. Our certified glaziers specialise in same-day glass repairs, which are available 24/7 for emergencies.

Contact us today to discuss your project and make the most of our service.

Working with police at
the scene of the crime

At Instant Glass, our efficient emergency glaziers are experienced in
dealing with the Police and will work alongside them to ensure your
property is secured. We understand the process involved in gathering
evidence and know not to begin work until authorised. In an emergency,
it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is; we are open all the
time and on-call for when you need us the most.


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technicians provide hassle-free installations
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commercial premises in North Sheen.

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