Terms & Conditions

Application Of These Terms And Conditons

These Terms and Conditions apply to your purchase, as a Consumer, or the goods or services specified in the agreement/order (hereinafter referred to as "Goods") from Instant Glass Ltd a company registered in England and Wales under number 10843498 whose registered office is at UNIT 4, Raleigh Court, Priestley Way, Crawley RH10 9PD

Please note that these Terms and Conditions only apply if you are a "Consumer" as defined in Clau se 3. If you are not a Consumer, the contract will be invalid. In such cases, please inform us and we will attempt to provide you with a contract as a "non Consumer." Only these Terms and Conditions apply to the transaction unless both parties agree in wri ting to the application of additional terms and conditions.

1. Information

The Regulations require us to provide certain information to you as a Consumer before making a contract with you. This information is either included in the booking correspondence or these Terms and Conditions or will be made available to you before accepting the quotation. All information we provide about the Goods and ourselves, which you consider when deciding to accept the agreement/order, will be considered part of the terms of ou r contract with you as a Consumer as required by the Regulations.

2. Interpretation

"Consumer" refers to an individual defined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 as someone who buys and receives Goods for personal use and not primarily for a business. "Business" refers to any commercial, trade, profession or activity conducted by You or any other entity. "Regulations" refers to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. "Business day" refers to any day excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. The headings in these Terms and Conditi ons serve for ease of reference only and will not impact their interpretation. Singular terms will encompass the plural and vice versa.

3. Cancellation Regulations

You have the right to cancel the contract for the Goods, without a reason, as per the regulat ions outlined in the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. You can exercise this right until the end of 14 days after receiving the Goods. However, in certain circumstances defined by the regulations, the p eriod may be extended. To cancel, you must inform Us in any manner you prefer. If you've already made payments, We will refund it as required by the regulations, minus any deductions. If you request services to start during the cancellation period, you mus t pay us a proportional amount for services rendered until cancellation. These cancellation rights do not apply if the order value is less than £42.00 or if the goods are custom made or personali s ed, or if you asked us to perform urgent repairs or maintena nce.

4. Goods

"Goods" refers to all products and services covered by this contract, including any parts, components, or materials incorporated in them. Descriptions given for these goods are for identification purposes only and do not imply a sale by descr iption. Information required by regulations and any additional information provided by us about the goods or us, which influences your decision to accept the agreement/order, will be considered part of the terms of our contract with you as a consumer. This includes information in the booking correspondence, agreement/order form, and any information made available to you. Changes to this information will only be valid if agreed upon by both parties.

5. Price

The cost of the Goods will be as stated in the "estim ated cost of work" field on the Customer Work Agreement/Order form . The price is subject to change after a site survey. If factors beyond our control (e.g., material, labour, exchange rates, duties, delivery rates) increase the cost, we reserve the right t o increase the price and provide an updated quote. The revised price will be accepted if you agree to it by accepting the quote before it expires (see Clause 7 for validity). The price includes transportation and delivery fees but does not cover any taxes or levies imposed by any authority.

6. Contract Formation & Quotation

Your inquiry, order, or communication does not constitute a contract offer to purchase the Goods. Our quotation is not an acceptance of your offer. Our quotation is a contractual offer to sell the Goods to You, which you may accept by confirming you're a Consumer. If you accept the valid quotation within 7 days of its date by signing the Customer Work Agreement/Order Form, a legally binding contract will be formed between You and Us. The quotation is valid for 7 days only unless we withdraw it before that period. We cannot withdraw the quotation if you accepted it while still valid. You can withdraw your inquiry or order at any time before accepting the valid quotation.

7. Payment Terms

After accepting the quote, we'll invoice you for the Price either at the time of or after delivering the Goods. Payment is due on the date of our invoice, which is set on delivery or completion of the service, or as agreed in any credit terms between us. Full payment must be made even if delivery has not yet taken place and ownership of the Goods hasn't transferred, as stated in Clause 10. Upon request, we will provide a receipt. Payment must be in GBP and can be made through cash, check, debit/credit card, or BACS to Instant Glass Ltd, UNIT 4, Raleigh Court, Priestley Way, Crawley RH10 9PD. If an invoice has been left with you, payment can also be given to our installation engineer before leaving your site. For account customers, payment is due 30 days after delivery or completion of installation, unless otherwise agreed.

8. Delivery

Delivery of the Goods will be arranged by Us on the specified date in the quotation, or as soon as possible after. We aim to deliver the Goods within 30 days of your acceptance of the quotation. The Goods will be delivered to the address specified in your request or to another agreed-upon location in writing by both parties. Delivery may occur at any time during the day and must be accepted at any time unless otherwise stated in the special delivery terms.

9. Risk And Ownership

Risk for damage or loss of the Goods transfers to you either during delivery or upon collection by you or your designated carrier. Ownership of the Goods will only be transferred to you once we receive full payment for the Price in cash or cleared funds. If full payment is not received as outlined in Clause 8, we retain the right to reclaim ownership of any Goods.

10. Limitation of Liability

Neither party will be liable for breach-of-contract damages that are unforeseen or speculative. Our Goods are only for personal and non-commercial use. No warranty or representation is made that the products provided are suitable for commercial or professional use. We will not be held responsible for any loss of profit, business interruption, or business opportunities. We will not exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or fraud. If you are a Consumer as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, or a consumer under any other consumer protection legislation, our duties and obligations, your rights and remedies, and our liability to you under such legislation will not be excluded, limited, prejudiced, or affected. This includes any breach of terms and non-conformity of the Goods with the contract. For more information on your legal rights, contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.

11. Data Protection

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), We will collect, process, and store personal information in accordance with the GDPR and Your rights. For full details on our use of personal data, including purpose, legal basis, rights, and sharing (if applicable), please refer to Our Privacy Notice at

12. Communications

All notices required by these terms must be in writing and signed by the sender or their authorised representative. They are considered delivered: (a) upon delivery if delivered by courier or messenger during business hours; (b) upon successful transmission if sent by email with a transmission report or return receipt; or (c) after 5 business days if sent by ordinary mail. All notices must be sent to the most recent address or email provided to the recipient.

13.Force Majeure

Neither party will be held accountable for failing to fulfil any contractual obligations if the cause of the failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond their control, referred to as Force Majeure. In such cases, the failure or delay will not be considered a breach of these terms or other contract terms.

14. No Waiver

No inaction on the part of either Us or You in exercising any rights under these Terms and Conditions constitutes a waiver of that right. Also, any waiver by Us or You of a violation of any provision of these Terms and Conditions does not equate to a waiver of future breaches of that or any other provision.

15. Severance

If any clause or part of these Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a competent authority, it won't impact the validity of the remaining provisions.

16. Complaints

We strive to ensure your satisfaction with the Goods and our services, but if you have any complaints, we want to hear from you. All complaints will be taken seriously and promptly addressed. Contact our Customer Relations Team at 0203 890 4116 or by email, or write to us at Instant Glass Ltd Customer Relations Team, UNIT 4, Raleigh Court, Priestley Way, Crawley RH10 9PD. Our policy is to provide a clear, fair complaint process, investigate all complaints fairly and promptly, . Our policy is to provide a clear, fair complaint process, investigate all complaints fairly and promptly, resoresolve complaints whenever possible, and gather information for improvement.lve complaints whenever possible, and gather information for improvement.

17. Law And Jurisdiction

The laws of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland will govern the relationship between you and us (contractual or otherwise) and all issues related to these Terms and Conditions, the Contract. As a consumer, you retain all mandatory rights provided by the law in your country of residency. This clause does not diminish those rights. In case of a dispute, any proceedings or claims related to these Terms an d Conditions, the Contract, or the relationship between you and us will be under the jurisdiction of the courts in England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland based on your place of residency. Should we change this point to only talk about the laws of England? As we are only dealing with residents of England?

18. Recorded Calls

Calls may be recorded and stored for reference in quality control and training procedures.

19. Diagnostics

We will charge for diagnostic work.

20. Guarantees

The standard guarantees for most goods we supply come from the manufacturer. If you need more info, reach out to us. The services we offer typically come with a 6-month labour warranty, although this may be altered or shortened and noted on our work report. Your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 are not impacted.

21. Time Limits

The delivery dates and times for Goods mentioned in Clause 9 and the performance of Services are estimates only. We'll do our best to meet these estimates, but we won't be liable for any missed deadlines or resulting losses, financial or otherwise.

22. Termination And Suspension

We shall be entitled, in its absolute discretion and upon giving to You written notice of its intention, to terminate the contract if We in good faith have doubts as to the solvency of you.